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Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Written by: Famous Foods | 2017-12-21 | no comments


Manuka honey is a sweet and slightly bitter honey from bees that feed on the blossoms of the bushy Manuka tree. This honey is known for its robust flavor and healing properties. Manuka Honey comes primarily from the rugged bush country of New Zealand where the trees grow wild in large numbers. Because of the limited quantities produced, this honey is a little more expensive than honey from other sources.

Benefits and Uses of Manuka Honey

Organic and raw Manuka honey has an impressive rich nutritional profile and antibacterial qualities that stimulate cytokine production. This is helpful in boosting immunity for the prevention and treatment of infections and certain diseases. It is a rich source of zinc, calcium, and phosphorus.

Manuka honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can be very helpful in treating cuts, wounds, and insect bites. The honey can be applied topically to treat eczema and acne as well.

Variable doses of Manuka honey have been shown to reduce inflammation of the colon in those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The honey protects against further irritation of the colon from these conditions.

What to Look for When Purchasing Manuka Honey

When shopping, you may find that there are different grades of Manuka Honey. The label is likely to have a UMF rating. UMF is the Unique Manuka Factor. It is a grading system developed by the UMF Honey Association in New Zealand. The UMF numbers range from 0 to 20+ and indicate the antibacterial and healing levels of the honey. A higher UMF number indicates more superior antibacterial and healing properties.

Because the Manuka tree grows wild, the honey for the nectar is primarily organic. Just be sure the label indicates that the honey is organic and is pure. Some honeys are sold as blends from bees that collect nectar from a variety of plants, or where a manufacturer has blended different honeys together. Be mindful of that when looking for the purist Manuka honey.

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