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How to Detoxify Your Medicine Cabinet

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-01-20 | no comments
Everyday, we are exposed to thousands of harmful chemicals, whether it’s through the foods we eat, the air we breathe or the personal care products we put on our bodies. While some of these are outside of our control, there are ways to reduce our “toxic load”. Here are a few tips for detoxifying your medicine cabinet.

  1. Swap Your Toothpaste for a Natural Brand

Most toothpastes contain harsh surfactants and chemicals. While this may be okay for some people, you might notice that your mouth feels fresher and your skin is clearer if you switch to a natural toothpaste instead. Many of the ingredients in regular toothpastes can irritate your gums and the skin around your mouth, causing breakouts or dry mouth.

Toothpastes made with natural ingredients like baking soda and essential oils may not foam up like your current one, but they are gentler and better for overall mouth health.

  1. Cut the Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants often contain aluminum-based active ingredients, which can clog your pores, block your sweat glands and make your perspiration problems worse. Switching to a natural deodorant with activated charcoal or baking soda can help you detoxify your armpits, reduce how much you sweat and reduce underarm odour.

  1. Use Natural Soaps

It’s common for body washes, shampoos and hand soaps to contain drying or irritating surfactants like sulfates. While they do give you a “squeaky clean” feeling, this actually means that your skin has been stripped of its natural oils. These oils protect your skin and keep you from getting dry and itchy, so it’s actually better to keep them intact.

To do this, try eliminating sodium laureth sulfate, or SLS, from your beauty routine, and opt for gentle, natural cleansers instead. This may take some getting used to, but you can invest in a shampoo brush and loofah to help get a more thorough cleanse without compromising your skin.

  1. Freshen the Air With a Diffuser

Air fresheners often contain a long list of questionable ingredients, many of which you likely don’t want your family breathing in. Instead, try switching out your air freshener for a reed diffuser with essential oils.

Famous Foods carries a wide selection of personal care products made using natural, non-toxic ingredients. Visit our store and we can help you choose the right products for you and your family.


Tips For Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-01-09 | no comments

With temptation at every turn, the holidays may be the most difficult time of year to eat small portions and make healthy choices. Indulging during celebrations and family gatherings is perfectly normal, but continuing your holiday eating habits year-round can wreak havoc on your healthy lifestyle.

To ease yourself back into a healthier eating routine in the New Year, try implementing the following tips.

  1. Reset Your Metabolism

It might be tempting to go from feast to famine, but resist the urge to skip meals or dramatically cut back on calories immediately following the holidays. This can put your body into “starvation mode,” making it more difficult to lose those extra pounds.

Instead, opt for consuming smaller meals more frequently, and gradually lowering your caloric intake. This will help your metabolism adjust.

  1. Reach For Your Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always important, but drinking more water is a simple way to get back into healthy eating habits. Drinking a glass of water before meals can help to curb your appetite, but adding an extra glass or two of water to your daily routine can help you look and feel better too. When you’re properly hydrated, your body can work more efficiently, and you’ll feel more energized.

  1. Reduce Your Carb Intake

This is another instance where it’s best not to overdo it. Going from indulging in holiday treats to cutting out carbs entirely can do more harm than good. Instead of swearing off carbs and sugar, slowly restrict your carb intake to give your system time to get used to the change. Even reducing carb intake by a small amount at first can give you noticeable results.

  1. Restart Your Routine

If you already had healthy habits in place before your holiday indulgences, you already have a good foundation. The faster you can get back into your normal routine, the better you will feel.

Even though it might be easier to sleep in or to eat leftover treats for breakfast, simple efforts can set the tone for making better and healthier choices throughout the day. Whether it’s eating a healthy breakfast, such as a smoothie or porridge, or even waking up early for a morning run, these simple efforts can help you get back into routine.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The best thing you can do to get back on track after the holidays is to be kind to yourself. Nobody is perfect, and everyone “falls off the wagon” sometimes. The important thing is that you recognize it and try to do better moving forward.

Getting back into your healthy lifestyle after the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with the four tips above, while shopping our selection of healthy, organic groceries at Famous Foods, and you’ll be back on track in no time.