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The Health Benefits of Marine Collagen

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-08-15 | no comments

One of the many changes our bodies undergo as we age is the slowing of natural collagen production. Not only is new collagen produced at a reduced rate, but existing collagen begins to break down more rapidly, which can lead to a host of health issues.

Marine collagen is a tasteless supplement full of collagen peptides that is naturally derived from fish. It is the most readily absorbed form of collagen supplementation available, and it offers many health benefits with regular use.

Below are just a few of the many reasons to consider adding marine collagen to your diet.

  1. It can help joint pain.

Collagen is vital to maintaining the cushioning that surrounds your joints, and much of the stiffness, pain and inflammation associated with aging is actually due to a lack of sufficient collagen cushioning. Regular supplementation has been shown to help joints move more easily and slow the natural joint deterioration that comes with age.

  1. It aids in muscle building.

One of the primary components of muscle tissue is collagen, which means that supplementing your diet with substance may not only help you to build new muscle, but it can also help maintain the muscle mass you already have.

Marine collagen also contains a hefty dose of glycine, an amino acid that helps your body produce creatine to better fuel your muscles.

  1. It can help you look younger.

One of the telltale signs of collagen depletion is the loss of bounce and elasticity in your skin. While collagen supplements alone are not enough to restore the natural collagen you have lost, regularly taking marine collagen can help to make your skin feel smoother, firmer and more hydrated over the long term.

  1. It may improve your gut health.

Because collagen acts as the connective tissue in your gut, a collagen supplement can help to strengthen the lining of your digestive tract. Without a sufficiently intact protective barrier lining your intestines, you are prone to issues such as leaky gut syndrome, which allows rogue particles to enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation.

Marine Collagen Can Be Extremely Beneficial to Your Health

In addition to the advantages listed here, marine collagen supplements may also be able to help with brain health, wound healing, weight loss, wrinkle formation and thyroid management.

Here at Famous Foods, we carry an array of collagen supplementation products. Ask our staff to help you select the right one for you.




Tips for Grilling Fruit

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-08-01 | no comments

Grilling fruit is a simple way to add flavour and interest to the summer fruit harvest. Whether you’re including it in a savoury dish or a sweet dessert, grilled fruit has a taste all its own.

For some, the idea of grilling fruit may seem daunting, but the technique is quite straightforward, especially if you apply these tips.

  1. Use the right oil.

When you’re grilling fruit, it’s best to use a neutral oil that won’t alter the flavour of whatever it is you’re cooking. Safflower and grapeseed oils are great for this, especially since they can withstand high grilling temperatures. You can also use melted butter.

  1. Kick up the heat.

It might be tempting to turn the heat down so that you don’t overcook the fruit, but that can result in mushiness instead of fruits infused with grilled flavour (which is the result you’re after). For the best char, the grill should be between 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit or 176-232 degrees Celsius.

  1. Prep your fruits.

You can grill fruits of any size. However, if you’re using melons or bananas, bigger is definitely better. The grilling process caramelizes the fruit sugars, so you want to ensure that the pieces hold their structure.

Bigger fruit slices can be placed directly on the grill, but smaller ones like berries should be placed in a basket.

  1. Set a timer.

To achieve beautiful grill marks, sear fruit on high heat for approximately three minutes on each side. Aim for six to eight minutes’ total cooking time.

Ways to Use Grilled Fruit

You can use grilled fruit in a variety of dishes or simply enjoy it on its own. Seared fruits pair well with both sweet and savory meals, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

– Grilled watermelon salad with mint and feta

– Grilled fruit sangria

– Banana splits

– Pulled pork and pineapple

– Fruit kebabs with creamy yogurt dip

– Grilled pound cake with ice cream and grilled peaches

Here at Famous Foods, we carry a variety of delicious fruits for you to put on the grill, including those of the organic variety. Happy grilling!