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3 Ways You Can Help the Environment by Buying in Bulk

Written by: Famous Foods | 2017-08-21 | no comments

Reducing your food packaging waste can be tricky, especially if the majority of the products you use, have plastic packaging. Statistics Canada reports that a vast majority of Canadian households use at least one recycling program that dispose of glass, plastic, and paper waste. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to save money and still eat well, we may have a solution for you! Welcome to buying in bulk at Famous Foods! When you buy in bulk, keep in mind that you can help the environment and save some money in the following ways:

  • Say goodbye to scoops, flimsy plastic bags, and twist ties that end up in the garbage. We prepackage over 1000 bulk food items in a variety of sizes, while also keeping in mind convenience for our customers’ needs.
  • Speaking of flimsy plastic bags, did you know that Canadians use 9-15 billion plastic bags every year? Sadly, a lot of them end up polluting our oceans. Further, certain types of packaging can contain chemicals and other materials that are harmful to the environment as they leach into soil and water. The packaging used in our bulk department is food grade and recyclable. Our bulk bags are also conveniently reusable for other household needs.
  • Remember when we mentioned that you can buy in bulk based on your needs? Selecting exactly how much food you need can save you a lot of money over time. How often does a recipe call for an ingredient you rarely use, but stores only sell the item in packages with much more than you actually need? Buying in bulk allows you to get exactly the amount you want, which can help reduce your packaging waste.

With the ability to try out small quantities of new products, you can have fun trying different foods, herbs and spices. Check out our bulk food aisle at Famous Foods to see what you can add to your menu this week.

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