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4 Ways to Celebrate Vegan Day

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-11-01 | no comments

You may be a full-time vegan at this point or interested in eating more plant-based meals. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of the vegan diet, you have many ways to celebrate this revolutionary movement for health. Modern day veganism owes much of its growing popularity to the UK Vegan Society that formed in 1944. The Vegan Society created the first Vegan Day on November 1, 1994 and continues to promote the event every November 1st.


1. Learn More Vegan Recipes

Since most of us grew up with traditional cooking, removing all animal products from our kitchens can feel daunting. Luckily, many skilled chefs and vegan advocates have provided many resources for people who are considering the plant-based lifestyle.

In 2020, new vegan cookbooks bring you the latest approaches to vegan cuisine. “Eat Green” by Melissa Hemsley presents many vegetarian and vegan recipes. The author weaves tips for reducing food waste and plastic packaging into the cookbook.In “The Plant Kitchen” published by Ryland Peters & Small, you’ll get to explore 100 vegan recipes. Many of these recipes focus on common ingredients that you might already have in your pantry. The book also helps you overcome the difficulties created when you need ingredients like mayonnaise and cheese. You’ll learn how to make vegan alternatives.

2. Extend the Vegan Diet Through the Month

To really immerse yourself in the vegan lifestyle, try only eating vegan for the whole month after the Vegan Day kickoff on the first. This challenge really draws your attention to all of the animal products that you encounter throughout the day.

3. Reboot Your Health Regimen

Do you want to lose weight? Are you concerned about your blood sugar? Does heart disease run in your family? Use Vegan Day to mark a starting point for new and healthy eating habits. A vegan diet could alleviate weight gain, control blood sugar, and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.

4. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Love and respect for animals motivate many vegans to strip all animal products from their lives. Help out some animals in need by donating time to a local shelter.

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