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Back-to-School Energy Guide

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-09-01 | no comments

There’s nothing worse than slogging through a school day with no energy. When you’re sleepy or lethargic, it’s difficult to do well on assignments and pay attention in class. While it might be easy to grab a sugary snack or down an energy drink, this is actually worse for you in the long run because you’ll experience an energy crash that will likely leave you feeling even more exhausted.

To keep your body and mind fresh throughout the school day, it’s important to eat the right foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Breakfast

Be sure to eat a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats in order to maintain your energy levels. While you might be tempted to skip breakfast in favour of more sleep, investing in a good breakfast will pay dividends throughout the day.

Simple meals like a hard-boiled egg, avocado wheat toast or a smoothie with oats and berries can give you plenty of energy without taking up too much time. If you’re usually running late, try prepping overnight oats or egg cups the night before so that you can grab them before you head out the door.

  1. Lunch

Prepping lunches ahead of time will help you pack heartier, healthier meals. Salads with leafy greens, light dressings and lean meats are a perfect way to boost energy levels and keep you feeling full through the afternoon. If greens aren’t your thing, you can always pack sandwiches on whole grain bread or whole wheat wraps and include raw veggies, fresh fruit, nuts and Greek yogurt as sides.

  1. Snacks

A healthy snack is the perfect antidote to the afternoon lull. Consider packing a few simple, mess-free snacks in your bag such as string cheese, a small pack of trail mix or a handful of almonds.

If you can keep it cool, storing a nutrient-rich fruit and veggie smoothie in your bag can also be a great way to boost energy levels during class.

Fuel Your Body to Fuel Your Mind

School days are often long, and you want to ensure you bring your A-game every day. When you eat the right foods, you’ll find that you have plenty of energy to stay sharp and focused in class. Stock up on all your back-to-school grocery needs at Famous Foods.

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