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Candy-free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-04-01 | no comments

Social distancing may have put a damper on the community Easter egg hunt that was planned this year, but you can still get creative by organizing a fun event in your front yard, backyard or your home’s interior.

And if you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar consumption in your household it is still possible to organize an Easter egg hunt your kids will love.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Healthy Snacks

Purchase fillable plastic eggs online and stuff them with healthful snacks that you can buy in bulk from Famous Foods. Kids love real fruit gummies, raisins, pretzels or trail mix. Cocoa nibs, nuts, seeds and dried fruit such as mango, apple, pear and apricots are also great options.

  1. Coins

If you have children who are old enough, you can put all of that loose change you’ve collected to good use. Hide coins in the yard or around the house and let them scavenge to collect it all. You can even hide one or two paper money prizes in tricky locations to make it more fun.

  1. Games

Keep the kids occupied long after Easter is over by filling plastic eggs with colourful sidewalk chalk. You can also give your children an Easter basket filled with games such as a deck of cards and a jump rope.

  1. Crafting Supplies

Fill plastic eggs with crayons, pouches of beads and string or elastic cord, and after the egg hunt is over, everyone can pool their crafting goodies to make something fun.

Remember that you can mix and match any of the ideas above, especially if you have children of varying ages that want to participate. of Famous Foods is here to help you organize a fun and memorable Easter celebration. Visit our bulk section for an array of items to include in your Easter egg hunt. Be sure to stay up-to-date on our store hours by visiting our website.

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