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Delicious Dinner Ideas for Father’s Day

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-06-15 | no comments

Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but they aren’t hard to cook for. Just like anyone else, your father will appreciate a homemade dinner this Father’s Day. Hopefully, you’ve been paying attention all of these years and know what he likes to eat. Famous Foods has gathered these dinner ideas to inspire you when planning his special holiday meal.

1. Steak and Baked Potato

The classic meat-and-potatoes approach to Father’s Day works for many men. Because it’s a special occasion, you should choose a cut like T-bone or rib eye. For the best results, have the meat at room temperature before you grill it. An instant read thermometer will help you cook the steak just the way that your dad likes it.

2. Barbecue Baby Back Pork Ribs

Baby back pork ribs offer tender meat on small ribs. When prepping the ribs for cooking, carefully cut off the silver skin membrane along the bottom of the rib slab to make it easier to nibble meat off of the bones.

3. Grilled Salmon

Some fresh salmon on the grill, perhaps seasoned with a sprinkle of dill, is certain to make dad forget your youthful transgressions, at least during dinner. Examine your fish pieces before you cook them and extract bones with needle nose pliers. Seasonal side dishes that are nice with salmon are new potatoes and asparagus.

4. Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets

You can make a big impact with shrimp foil packets even if you don’t have a kitchen full of fancy cooking gear. You can quickly prepare for the grill an assembly of shrimp, potatoes, garlic, and corn sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning and drizzled with olive oil wrapped up in layers of aluminum foil. If bad weather spoils your grilling plans, put the packets in hot oven.

5. Black Bean Enchiladas

Fill up your vegetarian dad with a hearty pan of black bean enchiladas. A filling of beans and cheese ensures his hunger will be satisfied. Smother the casserole in a classic enchilada sauce or give it a brighter presentation with a sauce of blended sour cream and avocados.

Famous Foods is your one-stop source for the ingredients needed to make a wonderful homemade meal for your father. We have everything from organic vegetables to fresh meat and seafood. Shop our Vancouver store today.


Summer Foods for Boosting Your Immune System

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-06-01 | no comments

A healthy diet keeps your immune system well armed so that it can defend your body from invading pathogens. You know that a diet packed with organic fruits and vegetables increases your access to vitamins, but you can strengthen your immune system even more with strategic food selections.

When you’re filling your basket this summer, look for these immunity-boosting foods.

1. Blueberries

The flavonoid anthocyanin in blueberries could improve your immune response within your respiratory tract. A research study concluded that people with a diet high in flavonoids contracted respiratory tract infections less often. Happily, blueberries are delicious too. Enjoy them in smoothies, yogurt, cereal, or just pop this amazing whole food into your mouth.

2. Watermelon

As the quintessential summer food, watermelon contains the antioxidant glutathione, which supports immune function. The fruit nearest the rind is the richest source for the antioxidant.

3. Red Bell Pepper

The color of bell peppers deepens to a sweet, delicious red the longer it grows on the plant. Red bell peppers serve as a significant source of vitamin C—a single pepper might contain a full daily requirement. You can also depend on them to deliver vitamin A, B, and K. Enjoy red bell peppers raw, stir fried, or roasted.

4. Elderberry

If you encounter fresh elderberries this summer, then you have found a superfood well known for its antiviral properties. Its reputation as a medicinal comes to us from previous generations who used it as a folk remedy. You are most likely to see it as an elderberry syrup or extract, which some studies have shown to thwart influenza viruses.

5. Button Mushrooms

Mushrooms deserve more mainstream recognition for their nutritional qualities. The basic button mushroom increases your intake of niacin and riboflavin, but the selenium in mushrooms is the most important part for immune function. Selenium is an antioxidant that helps the immune system protect cells from damage. As a bonus for vegans, mushrooms are a non-animal source of vitamin D.

Our mission at Famous Foods is to supply you with fresh and healthy food along with plenty of organic choices. We stock produce from local growers whenever possible. Make us part of your shopping routine as you pursue a healthy diet this summer.


Why You Should Avoid Toxins in Personal Care Products

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-05-29 | no comments

The very nature of personal care products involves their contact with our bodies, often in very sensitive locations. This category of products includes diapers, feminine hygiene products, lotion, and shampoo, and it deserves more attention regarding chemical ingredients.

personal care products

Most manufacturers provide little information about ingredients and materials. For the most part, you’ll be making blind choices when you select these products unless you choose products specifically marketed as safer alternatives to mainstream brands.

Types of Chemicals Present in Personal Care Products

Independent researchers have found phthalates, specifically DBP and DEHP, in multiple brands of disposable diapers and sanitary pads. Exposure to these chemicals could lead to developmental or reproductive problems. Volatile organic compounds, commonly known as VOCs, are prevalent as well. VOCs can cause respiratory and skin irritation. Kidney and nervous system damage are possible as well. Menstrual pads frequently contain VOCs like xylene, toluene, and methylene chloride.

Tampons might boast of being made from cotton, but the bleaching process leaves dioxin residues. Dioxins are recognized as cancer-causing toxins that also threaten the endocrine and reproductive systems. The cotton itself, although a wonderful natural fibre, is generally grown with heavy pesticide applications, and pesticide residues can linger in the products.

You probably enjoy lathering your hair with shampoo, but shampoos are mostly a cocktail of various chemicals. Parabens are preservative substances commonly used in shampoos and cosmetics. They act similarly to the hormone estrogen and are associated with breast cancer.

Parabens are also pervasive in body and hand lotions. Lotions are notorious for various unspecified chemical combinations used to create fragrances. You could encounter endocrine-disrupting phthalates and irritating VOCs in lotions.

Your Vulnerability to Chemically-Laden Personal Care Products

Diapers, tampons, and sanitary pads come into prolonged contact with genital areas. The thin, highly sensitive skin in these areas can absorb substances into the body easily. As for lotions and shampoos, daily use results in ongoing chemical exposures that could impact your health over time.

Shop Health and Beauty Supplies at Famous Foods

Our natural food store in Vancouver stocks many personal care products from responsible manufacturers who use nontoxic ingredients. Your health extends past your dinner plate, and we invite you to explore healthier personal care products at our store.