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Candy-free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-04-01 | no comments

Social distancing may have put a damper on the community Easter egg hunt that was planned this year, but you can still get creative by organizing a fun event in your front yard, backyard or your home’s interior.

And if you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar consumption in your household it is still possible to organize an Easter egg hunt your kids will love.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Healthy Snacks

Purchase fillable plastic eggs online and stuff them with healthful snacks that you can buy in bulk from Famous Foods. Kids love real fruit gummies, raisins, pretzels or trail mix. Cocoa nibs, nuts, seeds and dried fruit such as mango, apple, pear and apricots are also great options.

  1. Coins

If you have children who are old enough, you can put all of that loose change you’ve collected to good use. Hide coins in the yard or around the house and let them scavenge to collect it all. You can even hide one or two paper money prizes in tricky locations to make it more fun.

  1. Games

Keep the kids occupied long after Easter is over by filling plastic eggs with colourful sidewalk chalk. You can also give your children an Easter basket filled with games such as a deck of cards and a jump rope.

  1. Crafting Supplies

Fill plastic eggs with crayons, pouches of beads and string or elastic cord, and after the egg hunt is over, everyone can pool their crafting goodies to make something fun.

Remember that you can mix and match any of the ideas above, especially if you have children of varying ages that want to participate. of Famous Foods is here to help you organize a fun and memorable Easter celebration. Visit our bulk section for an array of items to include in your Easter egg hunt. Be sure to stay up-to-date on our store hours by visiting our website.


5 Fabulous Ingredients to Add to Your Smoothie

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-03-25 | no comments

Smoothies are a convenient, healthy and nutritious snack or meal replacement that can be enjoyed at any time of day. They’re much quicker to make than a salad, but can include just as many, if not more, of the vitamins and nutrients. Here are five ingredients to add to your next smoothie concoction. Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with this!

  1. Spirulina

Spirulina is a vegetable similar to a form of blue-green algae that grows in both fresh and salt water. This little-known vegetable is packed with protein and vitamins including iron, as well as fatty acids and a host of other nutritional benefits.

  1. Dark and Leafy Greens

Fruits and berries are common ingredients in smoothie recipes but if you haven’t started adding dark and leafy greens to your drinks, now’s the time to start. They are packed with nutrients, iron and protein. Popular leafy greens to include in smoothies are kale and spinach, but creative smoothie drinkers have branched out to include items such beetroots and celery with the leaves attached.

  1. Cucumber

Another surprising addition to many smoothie recipes is cucumber. Cucumbers are primarily made up of water, so they have been known to help detoxify the digestive system and boost kidney and liver function. To get the most bang for your nutritional buck, be sure to leave the skins on when you include cucumber.

  1. Plain Greek Yogurt

It only takes one scoop of plain Greek yogurt to add extra health benefits to your smoothie recipes. Aside from adding a creamy texture, plain Greek yogurt has a host of health benefits. Among these are probiotics which have been known to improve digestive health.

  1. Hemp Seeds

The hemp plant has historically been a source of nutrition for societies across the globe. In recent years, hemp has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among health buffs. Hemp seeds are readily available and contain a rich palette of nutritional benefits. Like other seeds and nuts, hemp seeds contain high amounts of protein and fiber. They also have antioxidant benefits that can help the health of joints, the heart, and skin.

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3 Irish Dishes to Make At Home This St. Patrick’s Day

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-03-16 | no comments

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate the rich Irish culture and history with family and friends. Too often, simply cooking something green is enough to pass for festive during St. Patrick’s Day.

Imagine impressing your family and friends with authentic Irish dishes that look, smell, and taste amazing. Sure, this may seem like a pipe dream for those of us who are less than skilled in the kitchen. Luckily, there are a number of great and easy Irish dishes that anyone can make to impress this St. Patrick’s Day.

Soda Bread

Many cultures have their local variations on bread recipes. Soda bread is a classic Irish bread recipe that has been around for countless generations. This recipe is easy to tailor to your tastes and likes.

The thing that sets soda bread aside from other bread recipes is the lack of yeast. Instead, soda bread uses baking soda as the leavening agent that allows the bread to rise. Buttermilk is essential to any soda bread recipe as it contains acids that react with the baking soda.

Make a delicious soda bread just like Grandma with this delicious and easy to customize Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread recipe.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

For the main course of your Irish meal, try a traditional corned beef and cabbage recipe.

Corned beef is not a hybrid of corn and meat, but is actually a salt-cured meat that is common in multiple areas of the world. The term corned refers to the corns of salt that were traditionally used to treat the meat.

Famed food personality Tyler Florence has designed an easy to handle corned beef and cabbage recipe. Remember to start early and customize the spices to fit your taste pallets.

Irish Apple Cake With Custard Sauce

Finish your St. Patrick’s Day feast with a dessert that is sure to make mouths water. This apple cake has just the slightest bit of spice to it. Top it off with a homemade custard sauce for a dish your guests will surely talk about until next St. Patrick’s Day. Check out this traditional Irish Apple Cake With Custard Sauce recipe.

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