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Celebrate Christmas with New Dinner Ideas

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-12-16 | no comments

Christmas dinner should be a special time for everyone. Christmas dinner is the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favourite sweet & savoury dishes. There are many healthy holiday meals that are surprisingly delicious and will keep everyone at your table satisfied as well as making your New Year’s resolutions seem a lot more attainable.

Here are some new and healthy dinner ideas that can help you celebrate Christmas more:

Pork Roast

This meat dish can be prepared in a healthier way by baking it instead of frying it. Simply take a boneless whole pork loin roast and put some minced garlic cloves, rubbed sage and dried marjoram on it before baking the roast for approximately 80 minutes. After letting the roast cool for 10 to 15 minutes, you can slice it into pieces to serve. The roast can be served with sweet potatoes, asparagus or other healthy sides to give everyone at your table a complete Christmas dinner.

Garden Veggie Lasagna

When following your favourite lasagna recipe to prepare this meal, you can use carrots, zucchini and sweet red peppers as ingredients rather than beef or other meat to make the dish healthier. No-cook lasagna noodles also work well for creating the perfect Christmas time lasagna. A mushroom-based sauce will give your garden veggie lasagna an even better taste. To make the dish more vegetarian- or vegan-friendly, use some soy or other plant-based cheese instead of dairy cheese.

Roasted Salmon with Crispy Potatoes and Broccoli

Seafood lovers can rejoice by sinking their teeth into this delicious and nutritious meal. A salmon fillet can be roasted in an oven with broccoli, onions and Yukon gold potatoes for 15 minutes. Sea salt, pepper and a vegetable bed made with vegetables of your choice can be added to the salmon after it’s removed from the oven briefly and before roasting it again for an extra 10 minutes or more. An extra seasoning made with mayonnaise, garlic and lemon juice can be mixed in a bowl and added to the dish once it’s fully cooked.

Brussels Sprouts with Pepitas and Figs

You can make this healthy meatless salad and eat it as a meal or a side dish by taking some halved Brussels sprouts and combining them with dried mission figs, pepitas and olive oil. Ancho chile powder, ground coriander and ground cinnamon along with lemon slices can also be added to the salad along with a dash of pepper and Kosher salt.

Any of these meal ideas can make your next Christmas dinner one to remember. Famous Foods has all the food items that you need to prepare your special holiday meal, and you can see what’s available by visiting www.famousfoods.ca.

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