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Health Food stores Vancouver

Health Food stores Vancouver
Health food stores in Vancouver don’t always have what you’re looking for. Famous Foods does! As a natural, organic, specialty and bulk foods grocery, Famous Foods has everything you’re looking for, including all of the day to day items you’ll find in any other grocery.
While Famous Foods does happen to be famous for their huge selection of over 1,000 bulk foods- that’s not all they’re about. They’d also like to be your one stop shopping destination for everyday needs. In addition to a large selection of food products, you’ll also find non-food items such as cleaning products, pet food and household items.
Throughout the week, Famous Foods has daily deliveries of fresh bread and baked goods from your favourite bakeries across the lower Mainland. You’ll find an assortment of artisan breads, French baguettes and buns, gluten-free options, pastries and more from the following bakeries: Pane E Formaggio, Calabria Bakery, European Breads Bakery, Hill’s Bakery, Arisan Bake Shopp, A Bread Affair, Olivier’s Breads, Saman Bakery, Glutenull, Trumps and Sunrise Pita. No other health food stores in Vancouver can bring you the selection of wholesome baked goods that Famous Foods can.
You want the freshest product available on the market- and Famous Foods has got a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables with both organic and conventional options. You’ll find a good selection of salad greens, fresh herbs, and both dried and fresh mushroom varieties. Also in the produce section, they have meatless options such as tofu, tempeh, sandwich slices and sausages, and the popular Miracle Noodles and shirataki pasta noodles, which are tofu or yam based.
When it comes to produce, Famous Foods proudly supports certified fair trade products and offer fair trade produce when available. Also when available, they will try to bring you produce from local sources. Other health food stores across Vancouver may be able to offer a small selection of wholesome foods, but Famous Foods has it all.
Famous Foods is serious about your meat and seafood. Their objective is to bring the freshest and healthiest meats, poultry, and seafood to you and your family. They have many options including beef, bison, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and an assortment of seafood such as salmon, sardines, prawns, and shellfish. You’ll also find an assortment of fresh sausages and meatballs, bacon, cured meats, and meatless options as well.
As one of the leading health food stores in Vancouver, Famous Foods values the importance of quality, but also ensuring that the meat is from ethical sources. They’re concerned about the welfare of the animals beforehand, and they know our customers feel the same. You’ll find unique options such as non-medicated, organic, free range, and grass fed. You won’t find any farm-raised seafood lurking around Famous Foods’ shelves.
When you want the very best in quality, shop at the leader in local health food stores in Vancouver. Famous Foods has it all.
Health Food stores Vancouver

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