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Frozen Perogies

Are you looking for an easy to prepare, a healthy meal option for those busy days? Perogies make a great, delicious, and filling main dish. Preparing it from scratch at home takes forever though. Frozen perogies from Pelmen Foods are a quick and easy alternative to home-made ones.

What is the difference between perogies and pelmeni?

The main difference between these two types of Russian dumplings is that pelmeni has meat stuffing while perogies are vegetarian dumplings with mostly vegetable filings. Our frozen pelmeni stuffing is raw meat lightly spiced with natural ingredients. Perogies have raw filling just like the pelmeni, but the mixture is vegetables instead of meat.

Freshly made perogies can last in the fridge for a week. Our perogies can, however, last up to three months in the freezer. This provides you with the perfect go-to, hassle-free meal you can prepare any time and have on the table in less than ten minutes. Let your perogies thaw out first then cook it whichever way best suits you.

Preparing perogies

Preparing a meal using frozen perogies is a relatively straightforward process that just about anyone can hack doing. There are three core ways you can make it at home. You can boil it in salted water, cooking each for three to five minutes. After this time the perogies will float to the surface, indicating they are ready. Be careful not to overcook the perogies as it will burst.

The next way to cook these delectable dumplings is by sautéing it with diced onions and butter. Cook the onions in low heat till caramelized then add the thawed perogies, flipping it often to make sure it browns uniformly on the outside. You can also microwave thawed pierogi under a pat of butter and covered with film. It will take approximately three minutes to cook.

Once ready, serve with your favorite topping or sauce and enjoy.

Are perogies healthy?

Yes, it is. It is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber, healthy calories, proteins, and minerals. Perogies is a low-calorie food, with each serving of four having between 190 and 210 calories. If it has vegetable stuffing, it is quite low in fat content, which will increase depending on the method of cooking you choose to prepare it. 

The dough and potatoes make this dish a good source of carbohydrates with the dough also providing fiber. A serving of four perogies contains between 40 to 41 grams of carbs to your daily diet, which is enough to give you the energy you need to keep going. The same serving contributes 7 grams of protein, which increases if you add more meats and bacon. As for minerals, this serving provides up to fifteen percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium and iron.

With such great taste, convenience, and a ton of benefits, it is easy to see why perogies remain a favorite for both parents and gym buffs. Get your Pelmen Foods frozen perogies today and taste the difference.

Frozen Perogies
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