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How to Boost Your Immune System For Cold and Flu Season

Written by: Famous Foods | 2018-10-17 | no comments

Unless you’re a hermit on a remote island, you may be exposed to cold and flu viruses during fall and winter. To deflect the worst contagions this cold and flu season, you can build up your immune defenses with good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and strategic supplements.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Indulging in sweets and processed foods drags down your immune system. Packing your meals with fruits and vegetables keeps your body strong with a steady supply of vitamins and antioxidants. Empower your immune system with healthy foods like:

  • Citrus and peppers for Vitamin C.
  • Cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, broccoli, and bok choy.
  • Blueberries which are packed with vitamins A and C, potassium, manganese, and antioxidants.
  • Spinach and sweet potatoes.

Go With Your Gut

The bacteria inside your digestive system plays a vital role in nutrient absorption. Nutrition researchers now estimate that 70 percent of immune function arises in the gut.

Improve your resistance to colds or flu by nurturing beneficial bacteria in your gut. Probiotic supplements can directly enhance your digestive flora, but a diet that includes fermented foods, like kimchi, kefir, or unpasteurized sauerkraut, increases immunity as well.

Sleep and Exercise

Sleep deprivation makes your immune system tired too. Make it a priority to get seven hours or more sleep. Go to bed early if you feel a virus taking hold.

Staying active during the colder months could also fend off viral infections. Exercise enlivens your immune function, and people who get regular exercise report fewer colds.

Tea and Supplements

Hot tea soothes a scratchy throat or drippy nose. Green tea and turmeric and ginger tea impart many antioxidants. Green tea specifically contains the immune system booster catechin. Unsweetened elderberry extract is another supplement with antiviral properties.

You might choose to increase your dosages of vitamins C and D with capsule supplements. Look for buffered vitamin C tablets that include magnesium, potassium, and calcium because you might be low on those nutrients. Vitamin D supplements also support health during dark winter months. Research has associated vitamin D supplementation with the prevention of colds.

Famous Foods in Vancouver is a source of many nutritious foods to keep you healthy during the cold season. Also be sure to visit our vitamin and supplement section for natural cold remedies!

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