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How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-12-09 | no comments

If you’re having trouble choosing which cookies to bake for the holidays, organize a Christmas cookie exchange party. Here, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of cookies while only needing to bake one type yourself.

Here’s how it works: during the exchange, everyone sets out their cookies buffet-style. Then, each participant goes around and fills their plates or bags with different treats. This way, all attendees go home with a sampler containing every cookie variety. Workplaces, clubs, retirement communities and families will find these events quite easy to organize. Here are a few tips:

Pick a Time and Place

Survey your colleagues and friends to measure interest in participation. After confirming who will attend, work out a time and place for the exchange. This could be your house, the break room at work, or a community centre.

Prepare a Signup Sheet

Put the time and place on the sheet and ask people to specify the type of cookie that they intend to bring. Ideally, participants should choose to bake different recipes to prevent having too many of the same variety. If you ask each attendee to bring two dozen cookies, then each should go home with two dozen as well. You might want to pad the numbers a bit so that everyone can enjoy a few cookies at the party, too.

Set Up for the Party

Ideally, the host should supply plates or food bags for attendees to place their cookies in. Providing a beverage or asking other attendees to bring something to drink would be appropriate as well.

Great ingredients make great cookies that will surely impress party guests. Famous Foods in Vancouver stocks many high-quality natural and organic specialty baking ingredients, like candied or dried fruits, coconut, chocolates, and nuts. We look forward to helping you prepare for your holiday celebrations!

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