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Making Bread at Home 101

Written by: Famous Foods | 2018-01-15 | no comments

If you’re one of those people who has always shied away from making your own bread because you think it’s too difficult, please reconsider. Making bread from scratch is no more difficult than cooking a roast or casserole. Not to mention that bread you buy in the shops does not begin to compare to the scent and taste of home-made bread. It’s also economical – ingredients are readily available and you can usually produce a loaf for half or less of the cost when bought in a shop.

A World of Possibilities

Making your own bread offers options you won’t find elsewhere. You can mix different kinds of flours – such as white and whole wheat– or add seeds, nuts and different grains. Should you require a specialty bread such as gluten-free or want to make your own sourdough, both are within your grasp. Bread may take minimal hands-on time; about 15 minutes in most cases to mix, knead and shape the loaves. In the case of gluten-free bread, you rarely knead – it’s more like baking a cake.

Bread-Making Basics

When making your own bread, there are a few basics to keep in mind:

  1. Use top-quality ingredients – a simple yeast bread contains flour, salt, yeast and water and perhaps butter or oil; you can’t cover up poor quality.
  2. Weigh ingredients rather than measuring; it’s much more accurate.
  3. Don’t skimp or overdo rising time; in most cases, your dough should double.
  4. Monitor bread in the oven – few ovens are perfectly level or accurate.
  5. Use high-protein flour for wheat bread, as it has more gluten to provide structure.

Once you begin baking your own bread, you’ll find it’s much easier to get in the six or seven-grain servings recommended in Canada’s Food Guide. At Famous Foods in Vancouver, we are the leading destination for all your baking needs, and we have all the necessary ingredients to help you get started as a bread maker.

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