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Popular Steak Cuts and Side Dish Options

Written by: Famous Foods | 2021-01-21 | no comments

If you’re in the mood for a steak, you can choose from several different types of cuts that are sure to give you all the meatiness that you crave. Some side dishes are particularly ideal for certain cuts of steak and can help complete your meal. The right pairings with these types of steak cuts can make steak night a more satisfying occasion.


This brand of sirloin steak is named for the T-shaped bone that’s seen in the cut of meat. Whether you choose to fry or grill your T-bone steak, you’ll be able to savor all the flavors of this hearty cut with each bite.

Garlic potatoes or steamed asparagus can go well with T-bone steaks. A baked potato or a side of fried potatoes can also help make your next T-bone steak meal complete.


Derived from the loin section of a cow, the tenderloin steak can offer you the tender piece of meat that you’ll be happy to sink your teeth into at your next steak night. Grilling a tenderloin steak over a medium heat can cook your tenderloin just right.

For side dishes, you can try preparing some garlic buttered mushrooms, roasted green beans or mashed potatoes. Brussels sprouts that have been roasted with garlic and lemon is another optional side dish for your tenderloin steak


If you’re a fan of ribs, you’ll likely enjoy a delicious ribeye when you’re in the mood for a steak. You can choose to buy a ribeye steak that still has the bone in it or with the bone removed.

Cream spinach, grilled carrots and baked summer squash can all be great side dishes for ribeye steaks. Preparing a butternut squash and apple casserole can also give you the perfect side dish.


Coming from the rear of the cow, the round steak is often a leaner, tougher cut. Some of the best ways to cook round steak are by roasting, grilling or braising the meat.

Caramelized pears and red onions can add more sweetness to your round steak meal. Parker House rolls can also compliment your steak if you’re hungry for a serving of bread.

These steak cuts and side dishes can bring more excitement to your steak meals for yourself, your family and your friends. At Famous Foods we carry fresh, non-medicated and organic meat options that will make shopping for tonight’s steak dinner a breeze! You can learn more about what’s available at Famous Foods by visiting www.famousfoods.ca.

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