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Summer Foods for Boosting Your Immune System

Written by: Famous Foods | 2020-06-01 | no comments

A healthy diet keeps your immune system well armed so that it can defend your body from invading pathogens. You know that a diet packed with organic fruits and vegetables increases your access to vitamins, but you can strengthen your immune system even more with strategic food selections.

When you’re filling your basket this summer, look for these immunity-boosting foods.

1. Blueberries

The flavonoid anthocyanin in blueberries could improve your immune response within your respiratory tract. A research study concluded that people with a diet high in flavonoids contracted respiratory tract infections less often. Happily, blueberries are delicious too. Enjoy them in smoothies, yogurt, cereal, or just pop this amazing whole food into your mouth.

2. Watermelon

As the quintessential summer food, watermelon contains the antioxidant glutathione, which supports immune function. The fruit nearest the rind is the richest source for the antioxidant.

3. Red Bell Pepper

The color of bell peppers deepens to a sweet, delicious red the longer it grows on the plant. Red bell peppers serve as a significant source of vitamin C—a single pepper might contain a full daily requirement. You can also depend on them to deliver vitamin A, B, and K. Enjoy red bell peppers raw, stir fried, or roasted.

4. Elderberry

If you encounter fresh elderberries this summer, then you have found a superfood well known for its antiviral properties. Its reputation as a medicinal comes to us from previous generations who used it as a folk remedy. You are most likely to see it as an elderberry syrup or extract, which some studies have shown to thwart influenza viruses.

5. Button Mushrooms

Mushrooms deserve more mainstream recognition for their nutritional qualities. The basic button mushroom increases your intake of niacin and riboflavin, but the selenium in mushrooms is the most important part for immune function. Selenium is an antioxidant that helps the immune system protect cells from damage. As a bonus for vegans, mushrooms are a non-animal source of vitamin D.

Our mission at Famous Foods is to supply you with fresh and healthy food along with plenty of organic choices. We stock produce from local growers whenever possible. Make us part of your shopping routine as you pursue a healthy diet this summer.

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