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Top 5 Health and Wellness Trends of 2019

Written by: Famous Foods | 2019-02-01 | no comments

Scientific research and environmental awareness continue to inform us about new and better ways to care for ourselves and the planet. The top wellness trends for 2019 build upon an increased understanding of our bodies and how to manage the stress and anxiety that too often accompany modern life. In the New Year, you’ll have access to new and diverse products capable of improving your health and well-being. Here are a few of the hottest wellness trends for 2019.

  1. More Protein Choices for Vegans

Demand among vegetarians and vegans for something besides soy has prompted food manufacturers to develop tasty and protein-packed alternatives. Many foods, like pumpkin, chia, watermelon seeds, almonds, and even algae, will expand the ways for vegans to incorporate protein into their diets.

  1. Hemp Oil and CBD

Hemp products and cannabidiol (CBD) will become more pervasive. Consumers can expect to find more foods and beverages containing hemp extracts that will let them explore the nutritional, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic benefits of hemp-derived products. CBD refined from the cannabis plant will increasingly appear in skincare products and supplements meant to relieve anxiety.

  1. Regenerative Farming Practices

Concerns about the environment and future soil productivity have inspired the regenerative agriculture movement. Its adherents seek to actively improve land instead of simply avoiding chemicals and other destructive methods. Regenerative farming focuses on sequestering carbon in the soil and building long-term fertility. This approach often goes beyond organic or sustainable methods. Producers that highlight their regenerative practices on their packaging will attract more attention from environmentally conscious consumers.

  1. High Tech Fitness

In 2019, you’ll see more technology products designed to promote health and fitness. People will turn to wearable gadgets that tell them when to start moving and when to take a break, which can be equally important. Other devices coming to market will provide therapeutic electrical stimulation, heat therapy, and stretching support.

  1. Microbiome Hacking

As our knowledge of the bacteria in our digestive systems expands, scientists will continue to identify new probiotic strategies for influencing health and even your mood. You’ll have a greater variety of products at your fingertips for treating specific problems related to nutrient absorption and food sensitivities.

Famous Foods can help you achieve your wellness goals in 2019! We’re always on the lookout for the latest innovations to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Visit us for organic produce, organic and non-medicated meats, and also natural body care and supplements!

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