Fresh, Organic, Non-GMO & Local

We’ve got a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables with both organic and conventional options. You’ll find a good selection of salad greens, fresh herbs, and both dried and fresh mushroom varieties. Also in the produce section, we have meatless options such as tofu, tempeh, sandwich slices and sausages, and the popular Miracle Noodles and shirataki pasta noodles, which are tofu or yam based.

When it comes to produce, we proudly support certified fair trade product and offer fair trade produce when available. Also when available, we will try to bring you produce from local farms.

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1595 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2R8


*Store entrance is located on Perry Street*


Monday - Sunday

8am - 8pm

*Store hours are subject to change during COVID-19 & holidays*

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