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Please Note:

  • Points are non-transferable

  • Must spend the min. of $5, $15 or $50 to redeem the corresponding discounts

  • Total points given are based on the subtotal (before tax)

  • Points are calculated after the discounts have been applied

  • Only one discount level can be redeemed per transaction

  • One $50 redemption cannot be used in the multiple transaction

Signing up is as easy as pie.

Sign up by providing our cashiers your name and phone number. No paper and pen needed.

For more info, ask us in-store!

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent

Points are redeemable once reached to the following levels:

500 points = $5

1000 points = $15

2500 point = $50

How to sign up?

How does it work?

Join our loyalty program to earn points on groceries & SAVE!

Earn Points & Save!

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