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5 Awesome Father's Day Dinner Ideas That Anyone Can Make

Dads, just like anyone else, appreciate having a nice dinner cooked for them. So put on your apron and try one of these amazing Father's Day dinner ideas.

Succulent ribs with tender meat sliding off the bone provide an indulgent dinner. The trouble is ribs can take a long time to cook, but an instant pot solves the problem. Its heated chamber produces fast results in about 20 minutes, and you're guaranteed to get tender and moist results.

For the man who lives for his burgers, make him an unforgettable burger dinner from premium ingredients. Try to find Prime or AAA ground beef for the patties. Choose some good Cheddar cheese and bakery-fresh buns. Pair the cheeseburger with either fresh-cut fries or the frozen variety.

A Porterhouse steak is a king among steaks. Tender meat filled with exquisite flavour clings to a bone. When you're done with the knife and fork, pick up the bone and nibble off the best bits. Marinade the beef prior to grilling. Ideally, you'll cook the steak on a grill for maximum deliciousness. Serve the steak with herb butter.

Shrimp is wonderful simply cooked in butter, but you can make it extra grand for your father with bacon wrapping. Devein some jumbo shrimp. Pair each shrimp with a small piece of pineapple and then wrap with bacon. Secure the wraps with a skewer and brush the shrimp with barbecue sauce. Roast the skewers in a 205-degree oven for 10 minutes.

A grilled bratwurst on a toasted bun with sauerkraut and relish will delight dad with every bite. You can jazz up some bratwurst on the grill by sautéing sauerkraut with onions and mustard and caraway seeds. Perk up some pickle relish by adding scallions and jalapenos. After grilling the brats, place them on a toasted bun and cover generously with sauerkraut, relish and yellow mustard.

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