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Garden to Table: Celebrating Spring's Bounty with Farm-to-Fork Recipes

Lovely spring evenings shift your appetite away from the comforting casseroles of winter. You crave fresh food to match the blossoming environment. Spring time is the perfect time to refocus your diet on healthy organic foods so that you can feel your best.

You can linger outside during those gentle spring evenings and take a break from cooking with this chickpea sandwich recipe. It presents a great option when you don't want to be cooped up in the kitchen.

Simply mix chickpeas, diced celery, and mayonnaise or yogurt. Add some mustard, seasonings, lemon juice, and pickled peppers and spread between slices of hearty, multi-grain bread. The light and crunchy flavours will energize you for an evening walk.

Find New Inspiration in the Produce Section

A grocery store in Vancouver will sell all of the fruits and vegetables you need to make fast and satisfying dinners. Meals based on farm produce ensure that you consume whole or minimally processed foods.

Salads are an ideal way to prepare healthful dinners with locally grown foods. The fiber and nutrients will revive your body after a winter of hibernation. And the best part is that you can make salads in big batches. Those tasty leftovers in the refrigerator make tomorrow's dinner a snap.

Try this taco salad recipe with a creamy yogurt or sour cream dressing. When you're in the mood for some light cooking, make chicken avocado caprese salad.

Work With New Ingredients

At a health foods store, you can find many specialty ingredients, like the tofu and rice noodles in this spring vegetables stir fry recipe with a tahini sauce. The dazzling colours of the organic red cabbage, carrots, and pea pods in this dish promise to connect you with the joys of spring.

Celebrate Spring at Famous Foods

You'll feel famous after cooking with groceries from a premier health foods store. Famous Foods has been here since 1929, and we sell organic produce, meat, dairy, bread, and wellness products. Let us help you eat better food. Shop at our grocery store in Vancouver today.

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