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Sizzle into Summer: Must-Try Meats for Your BBQ

Summer is the time to spend quality time outdoors. Whether you have a grill, a smoker, or a full outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to consider some new meats to try. You can impress your friends and neighbours with incredible finds from a health foods store. A few natural and fresh options sizzled up can provide the ultimate feast.

Fresh Sausages

Sausages on the grill end up being synonymous with summer, and you can find the very best at a grocery store in Vancouver that is dedicated to fresh and healthy selections. As you grill up sausage, you can also pair them with fresh veggies, serve them on hoagies and buns from bakeries around the Lower Mainland, and more.


When you’re tired of the same, boring proteins, you can explore bison from a health foods store in Vancouver. It’s a healthy choice because it doesn’t have a lot of fat. Plus, it cooks fast, so you can feed everyone at your summer get-together quickly. Fresh herbs can help to add some incredible flavour, too.


Don’t assume that meatballs only pair with marinara and pasta. An organic option is available, and they can easily be baked, pan-fried, or tossed on the grill. You can even put them on skewers to make them easier to eat when you’re entertaining outdoors.


If you want a really healthy option for your summer grilling, consider turkey cutlets. With the right marinade, it can be a tasty option. Toss them onto some buns as sandwiches or serve them alongside asparagus and other amazing produce that you get from the grocery store in Vancouver.

Famous Foods has all of your delicious and organic meats so that you can sizzle your way into summer easily. Our weekly flyer will tell you about the deals that you can find and provide further inspiration for your meals. Whether you choose to cook everything indoors or out is up to you!

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