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Ways you can Sweeten your Summer Cookouts with Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruits Are the Stars of Sweet Summer Cookouts

Meats tend to take center stage at summer barbecue, but a supporting cast of brightly coloured and nutritious fruits will earn everyone's applause. The sweetness and texture of fruit not only balance the meal but reward the senses with a visually impressive, flavourful experience.

With organic fruit in abundance at our grocery store in Vancouver every summer, you have nearly endless options for adding dazzle and nutrients to your plate.

Simple Summer Fruit SaladsSome fruit salad recipes are savoury, but the inherent sweetness of organic fruit shines through in all of them.

Most fruit salad recipes give you the flexibility to substitute different fruits according to your preferences or what is in season. If you see a great sale on strawberries or raspberries, pick them up and add them to a salad. In fact, a sprinkle of berries on top of a leafy green salad can be a simple way to sweeten up the meal.

Some fruit salad recipes to consider:

  • Honey Lime Salad - A basic blend of berries and grapes with honey-lime dressing.

  • Sweet Fruit Salad - Use any combination of melons and tree fruits with a sweet, citrus dressing.

Salsas and Relishes

A fruit salsa or relish adds a perfect burst of sweetness as a topping on meat. You can also use them as chip dips.

Browsing the produce at a health foods store will supply plenty of inspiration. As the summer progresses, fresh peaches, cherries, and apples will arrive. Look for new arrivals from local organic farms to obtain the highest quality fruits, and then imagine how they might pair with meats or work as a dip.

Suggested recipes:

Fresh Fruit Drinks

On a final note, serving fruity drinks at your summer cookout keeps your guests hydrated and refreshed. Adults might like a lovely sangria and almost any fruit can make a margarita mix—while kids will happily slurp down berry smoothies.

Sweet Fruits and Premium Meats for Your Summer CookoutFamous Foods is Vancouver's original health foods store. We stock the finest local and imported produce to give you the widest selection of fruits and vegetables. Stop by our grocery store in Vancouver before your next summer cookout.

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