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3 Tips for Healthier Eating in 2022

Eating a healthier diet is one of the most common resolutions we make at the start of a new year. If you're like most people, you might feel like it's hard to keep up your resolution as the year goes on. Fortunately, there are ways to make healthy eating fun and simple. Here are a few tips for making your diet healthier in 2022.

1. Opt for grocery delivery Grocery delivery is convenient and easy. When you don't have to spend extra time planning a trip, you'll be able to devote that time and energy toward preparing delicious, healthy meals instead. Shopping for groceries online also allows you to tackle two tasks at once. Not only are you getting groceries, but you can quickly and easily plan your meals ahead of time while you shop. 2. Do a weekly meal prep day Pick one day a week, and use it to prep as many healthy meals ahead of time as possible. You can go ahead and cook the meals to store in the fridge or freezer, or you can simply do all of the prep tasks like peeling, chopping, marinating and portioning ahead of time while listening to music or watching your favourite show. Don't forget that you can prep more than dinner. Healthy, grab-and-go breakfasts are an excellent way to set yourself up for making good food choices throughout the day. Try recipes like egg cups, veggie-packed breakfast casseroles and hearty overnight oats. 3. Make healthy eating fun What will motivate you to stick with your new habit? Maybe it's investing in a set of bento boxes that look beautiful. Perhaps it's packing yourself a small treat for a mid-afternoon snack. For some people, learning how to make fun, colourful food designs turns the cooking experience into an enjoyable hobby rather than a chore. You can even leverage social media to create an extra layer of fun and motivation. If you enjoy sharing content, create a unique hashtag for your healthy meals, and take pretty pictures of the before and after. Browsing other healthy eating hashtags on sites like Pinterest and Instagram can even inspire you to try new things. Find your favourite healthy foods at Famous Foods Whether you choose to shop online or in-store, Famous Foods carries a wide range of healthy and delicious foods. From fresh to frozen and everything in between, let Famous Foods be your one-stop shop for clean, healthy eating in 2022.

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