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3 Ways to Live an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle can happen in a variety of ways. What you purchase, how you travel and even what you eat can all impact your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener way of life. Try the tips outlined below if you're looking for more ways to live an eco-conscious life.

1. Shop local Farmer's markets and local businesses like Famous Foods are great for finding fresh, consciously raised fruits, veggies and meats. In addition, when you shop in your local community, you're contributing to a more self-sufficient local economy, which means a healthier environment. Shopping with small businesses can help reduce food and packaging waste as well. This is especially true if you opt for reusable shopping totes and recyclable packaging. 2. Prep and plan meals ahead of time When you take the time to meal plan, it not only makes life more convenient but more eco-conscious as well. By planning out all of your meals for the week, you're accomplishing many goals at once. First, you only need to make one trip for groceries, which reduces gas and energy usage. Second, you are less tempted to buy foods that will go to waste because you know exactly how much of each item you need. Third, you can make better food choices and look for foods grown without extra chemicals or pesticides. 3. Look for ways to bulk buy and recycle Many communities are beginning to open eco-conscious stores that offer bulk refills for things like detergent, soaps, cleaning solutions and beauty products. In addition, these places often sell packaging-free items like shampoo bars or reusable glass containers to eliminate plastic waste. When you can, it's a great idea to recycle, too. Create a simple, organized system that can help reduce the amount of garbage generated in your home. Those who can should also consider composting food scraps as well. The compost can be used in your own garden, donated to local farmers or given away to community members who can use it in their gardens. Celebrate our planet with greener habits Earth Day is April 22, so now is the perfect time to get a head start on your contribution to the holiday. Whether you're new to living an eco-conscious lifestyle or you are simply looking for new ways to take care of our planet, the tips outlined in this blog are an excellent place to begin.

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