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4 Cozy Comfort Foods You Can Make at Home

Now that the seasons are changing and cooler weather sets in, it's the perfect time to whip out your favourite cozy comfort food recipes to share with the family. Whether you've got time to prepare a four-course meal or need a quick and easy crockpot recipe, you'll find everything you need to create these dishes at your local health foods store. Spaghetti Squash Meatball Casserole Spaghetti squash meatball casserole is a lighter take on a classic meatball casserole that still packs plenty of flavour. You can also customize it and add green beans and mushrooms for a nutrient boost. Although a casserole is traditionally considered an "all-in-one" dish, you can enjoy it with mashed potatoes, cornbread or buttermilk biscuits. Ranch Pork Roast This light and simple ranch pork roast features a mild rub that's perfect for kids and picky eaters. You can also combine the ingredients and make it in the slow cooker instead of the oven. This dish pairs great with a side of butter noodles or steamed rice. Double up the recipe, and you can enjoy it as leftovers or freeze the rest for a rainy day. Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili Chili is a great dish to enjoy when the temperatures start to dip. While everyone has their own chili preferences, you should consider giving this sweet potato black bean chili recipe a try. If you're running short on time, use pre-diced frozen sweet potatoes. It's also an excellent chili alternative for vegetarians. If your family enjoys a bit of spice, throw in a couple of diced-up jalapenos and chipotle peppers to turn up the heat. Barley Beef Skillet Barley is a healthy grain that makes a wonderful rice substitute, and you can find it in any local grocery store in Vancouver. If you want something rich and filling, try cooking up a barley beef skillet dish tonight. If you prefer a heartier flavour, swap out the cup of water with beef stock instead. This recipe is not only easy to make, but it tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen and is perfect for guests. For wholesome, organic and natural groceries at prices you can count on, stop by Famous Foods this week. We have everything you need to help you whip up deliciously healthy meals for you and your family throughout the season.

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