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5 Healthy Halloween Recipes to Celebrate the Spooky Season

As fall is now in full swing, it’s time to start planning for the can’t-miss, creepy, candy-fuelled holiday coming up just around the corner.

That’s right, it’s officially spooky season, and we’re here to add a healthy boost to the festivities!

Here are five healthy Halloween recipes that are tasty treats without any tricks.

Green apple monsters

Sensationally sour with just a hint of sweetness, these adorable apple monsters are the perfect, positively spooky yet healthy snack.

All you’ll need are green apples, a nut butter of your choosing, pumpkin or flower seeds for teeth, and some marshmallows or candy eyes for the eyes. If you want to take an extra step, add a strawberry slice for a tongue. From there, let creativity be your guide to create some gruesome goofy ghouls!

Gingerbread skeletons

That’s right! Gingerbread is multifaceted for more than just the holiday season!

All you need to do to pull a spooky switcheroo on this classic favourite is grab some icing and draw on some simple bones and, voila! A happy Halloween treat to add to a well-balanced meal.

Banana ghosts

A simple scary treat, all you need for this one is bananas, some chocolate chips, and your imagination! You can also dip them in yoghurt first, if you so choose.

Make some eyes and a mouth with the chocolate chips, place them on the banana and pop them in the freezer. Wait about 30 minutes to an hour and there you have it! Your very own boo-tacular banana ghosts.

Cheese & cracker broomsticks

A new spin on an old classic, cheese and cracker broomsticks are an excellent, easy and quick healthy snack idea perfect for any Halloween party or afternoon snack.

Pretzel sticks make excellent broom sticks while stretched out string cheese helps create the look of broom bristles.

Veggie skeleton

Why was the skeleton afraid to go to the party? He had no-BODY to go with! Perfect for a Halloween party platter, a veggie skeleton is both playful and healthy.

Pick some of your favourite veggies and create a spooky skeleton perfect for any palate or preference!

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