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Discover Hidden Gems: Unique Snacks in the Bulk Foods Aisle

Buying bulk foods reduces packaging waste and gives you access to more food choices. The bulk foods section at Famous Foods brings together everything from daily staples to unique snacks. No matter who you are or where you're from, you'll spot something in a bulk foods aisle that is new and interesting. If you are on the hunt for bulk snacks that you or your family will find exciting, try some of these hidden gems in our bulk food aisle.

Dried papaya

Get a yummy tropical burst of flavour from a chewy and shelf-stable piece of dried papaya. You can eat spears or slices as a snack on their own or toss diced dried papaya into your trail mix or oatmeal.

Dehydrated sour cherries

Dried sour cherries deliver brilliant cherry flavour. They taste wonderful on their own and always give a splendid fruity boost to cookies, trail mixes, and hot cereals.

Dried kelp, powder or granules

Among our many dried vegetables at Famous Foods, you'll find dried kelp powder or granules. Although kelp is not something that you snack on by itself, you can use it to make many dishes tastier and more nutritious. When you add kelp to soups or smoothies, you increase your consumption of numerous vitamins, iodine, iron, and magnesium.

Coconut flour

Need to stay gluten-free but still want delicious baked goodies? Coconut flour comes to the rescue. Made from dried and ground coconut, the flour presents a robust blend of carbs, protein, flour, and fat. It also comes with loads of iron and potassium.

Pistachios, raw and shelled

Almonds and pecans get plenty of attention in our bulk nut and seeds section, but pistachios are amazing nuts. Their distinct flavour and natural green colour make them stand out among bulk snacks. These shelled pistachios at Famous Foods spare you the hassle of cracking the nuts.

Vancouver cocktail mix

This is Vancouver's signature snack for accompanying drinks. Hot wasabi peas and roasted nuts provide a crunchy, salty zing that makes this one of our most unique snacks.

Best natural foods and bulk snacks at Famous Foods

Since 1930, our Vancouver customers have relied on us to stock the finest natural foods. In addition to bulk foods, our store on Kingsway has a meat and seafood counter, deli, bakery, and produce section. Shop with us seven days a week for high-quality food and wellness items.

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