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How to Throw a Backyard Summer Party

Now that summertime is here, it is a perfect opportunity to congregate outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. It is a great chance to bring your friends and family together to have a backyard summer party. Here are some simple tips that will help you throw a memorable summer event.

Inspire your guests by creating an experience

Throwing a backyard party brings the possibility to get your creative juice flowing and do something unique. Think of themes and outfits that may entice guests to participate in a fun and involved way. Having a cowboy dance party is an example of something different you can do compared to a plain summer party.

Plan a budget

No matter the theme, it is a good idea to plan a budget so that you can stay on track with expenses. You must decide how much you want to spend on your party including food, drinks, decor, and other basic expenses. By setting a specific budget, you'll be less likely to make last-minute changes that will raise your overall costs.

Prepare the basics

After you choose your outdoor space, there are basic products you should gather that will make the party go smoothly. Think of investing in a drink dispenser. They are usually very inexpensive and you'll benefit from using it all year long. Buy plenty of drinking water, sodas, lemonade, and other basic items you can expect to see at any gathering. Remember to be well-stocked with ice, napkins, paper plates, and other party staples.

Keep decor simple

Simplicity goes a long way, even for a fun summer party. Outdoor places are ideal for decorating with flowers and plants. Create colour accents with bright serving dishes and trays. Look to fill spaces with ceramic planters and decorative backyard pieces. You can make it as casual or as fancy as you would like.

Create substantial menu

You can create a complete menu while keeping things simple at the same time. A basic charcuterie board is a great way to serve small bites while enjoying cocktails. A fruit platter is another good option that keeps your guests satisfied with fresh summer ingredients.

To make it easier on you during the party, make your recipes ahead of time or buy them prepared from your local grocery store in Vancouver. When it comes to desserts, try store-bought variations and arrange them in an assorted tray where guests can make their selections. The party can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can make the menu as fancy or inexpensive, the key is to choose items that most people love.

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