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Produce at Peak Growing Season in B.C. during May

Many of the best produce items that you will find in British Columbia are at their peak growing season in the month of May. The warm spring weather that isn’t too intensely hot allows these crops to flourish and ripen perfectly so that they can be enjoyed to the fullest while people are eating them.


Tomatoes are ripe and fresh for the picking throughout much of southwest B.C. during the month of May. Whether you want to use tomatoes to make a pasta sauce or slice them for sandwiches and salads, there are many ways that you can prepare tomatoes for many of your preferred dishes. Tomatoes can also be eaten on their own as healthy snacks.


Starting in May and extending all the way to November, radishes can be found in plentiful amounts throughout many parts of B.C. Radishes often work well for salads and can also be used as ingredients for tostadas, sandwiches and shrimp meals.


If you want something that’s both natural and sweet, you can get some fresh strawberries to snack on beginning in May. You can also use strawberries to make strawberry shortcake or even your own strawberry milkshakes.


From the northern part of B.C. to Vancouver Island and southwest B.C., asparagus grows aplenty in the month of May. You can grill or steam asparagus stalks to your liking and use them as side dishes to many of your meals. Asparagus also works well in many soups and pasta dishes.


Apples are ripe and ready to be picked in the Kootenays starting in May. No matter how you slice them, apples can add more deliciousness to many meals and desserts. Eating an apple by itself daily can give your body many of the vitamins and nutrients that are needed to ward off illnesses and keep you healthy. May is a great time of year to start shopping for many of the best produce items that are in season. To find these and other great selections, you can head to Famous Foods store or visit our website at to learn more about what’s in stock.

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