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Budget-Friendly Cooking Tips that Won’t Compromise Taste

It seems like the price of groceries have been steadily climbing for a couple of years now. Many families are finding it difficult to continue purchasing the healthy items that they need while still being able to adhere to a budget. Even if you’re used to purchasing organic groceries from a health foods store in your area, we have tips that can help you stick to a budget without compromising taste.

Use Healthy Sauces

You can completely transform a meal that you're making by using an affordable bottle of sauce from a health foods store. A plain pot of chicken and rice can become sweet and sour chicken or teriyaki chicken. Most bottled sauces from a grocery store in Vancouver are extremely affordable. They also go a long way, often providing multiple meals from one bottle.

Invest in Spices

Much like using sauces for your meals, investing in some different spices can provide you with flavourful options on a budget. Experiment with using things like curry or cumin to add a ton of flavour to other budget-friendly ingredients.

Embrace Natural Flavour

There are so many different fruits and vegetables that bring big flavour to a dish. Adding onions, apples, leeks and sweet potatoes to your meals can really elevate flavour. The best part is these are all really affordable ingredients to add to your grocery list.

Acidic Flavours

Foods that have a very acidic profile can really help enhance the flavour of the other ingredients you’re cooking with. It doesn’t take much of things like pomegranate, jalapeños or horseradish to add bold flavour.

For your next organic shopping trip, head to Famous Foods. We are a top grocery store in Vancouver, selling a large variety of foods that provide great taste without breaking the bank. We look forward to seeing you in our store aisles in the near future.

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