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This is How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Anyone can create a perfect charcuterie board worthy of Instagram. The artful arrangement of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and condiments instantly delivers that wow factor that you're looking for when hosting a party.

How to Choose Foods for Your Charcuterie Board

Although you have the freedom to add your own personal flair to a board, you will follow basic ingredient guidelines. A proper charcuterie board needs:

  • Cheeses

  • Cured meats

  • Fruits and/or vegetables

  • Crackers and/or bread

  • Condiments, like jams or mustards

And don't forget the board itself! Any attractive cutting board will do, but people often seek out stylish hardwood boards or stone slabs.

Charcuterie Board Food Recommendations

Generally, you should present cheeses and meats in a three-to-two ratio. You could approach cheese selection by dairy animal with cheeses from cows, goats and sheep. You will want hard and soft cheeses as well with perhaps a smoked variety in the mix.

A similar approach applies to your cured meats. Find meats from different animals and make sure that they have different textures and spices.

Fresh seasonal fruits or vegetables always make a good addition. Nuts are also a popular charcuterie board plant-based food. Many people appreciate pickled items as well, like pickled cucumbers or stuffed olives.

After choosing your cheeses and meats, pair them with appropriate jams or mustards according to your personal taste.

How to Decorate a Charcuterie Board

When you assemble your board, start with your cheeses. Slice or dice hard cheeses. Include a small cheese knife for soft cheeses. Distribute the cheeses in clusters around the board while leaving spaces in between. Before adding the meats, fold, roll, or slice them. Overlap them like shingles as you arrange them near the cheeses. In the remaining spaces, place your fruits and vegetables, crackers or breads, and small dishes of condiments. A specialty set of cheese knives and spoons for your charcuterie board will give it an elegant look. After getting everything in just the right position, sprigs of fresh herbs, like dill, sage, or basil, provide an excellent garnish.

Beautiful Charcuterie Boards Start at Famous Foods

No one needs to be a gourmet chef to create a perfect charcuterie board. In Vancouver, Famous Foods offers an amazing selection of local and specialty foods that will inspire you. Visit our store today.

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