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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In addition to providing customers with great customer service, Famous Foods is also committed to safeguarding personal information and their privacy.

In connection with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), our customers are informed on why we collect, and how we use and disclose their personal information.  We obtain their consent, and handle their personal information the way we would to secure our own private information, taking every appropriate precaution that is reasonable.

Famous Food’s Privacy Policy commitment includes ensuring strict confidentiality and safety of personal information as well as providing access to view and to modify their information upon request.


For clarity, please note the distinction between personal and contact information.

Personal Information – means any information that can identify an individual. Items such as name, home address, phone number, and e-mail address are considered Personal Information.

Contact Information – this is information allows Famous Foods to contact an individual at home or work, and may include name, job title, business telephone number, business address, and business email.

Famous Foods will….


  1. Always communicate why we are collecting personal information. 

  2. Only be collect customer information to confirm identity, start an account, or provide services like home delivery, etc. 

  3. Ask for and obtain consent before collecting, using or disclosing personal information unless it is required by law or for the purpose of protecting ourselves.

  4. Only use personal information for the purpose(s) communicated at time of collection, and will not sell personal information to third-parties or use it for any other purpose(s) without consent.

  5. Keep personal information to fulfill the communicated purpose(s).

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Famous Rewards – Terms of Use


All customers of Famous Foods are eligible to become a member of the “Famous Rewards” Loyalty Program.

Membership is limited to one account per individual and there are no fees or qualifying purchases required to join. Membership for businesses or organizations must first be approved by management.


  • To join the Program:

    • Fill out a membership form at Famous Foods store by inquiring with a cashier or;

    • Visit the Famous Foods website at and fill out an online form.

  • First name, last name, email address, and phone number are required.

  • The phone number will be used as your account number and will be required to link in-store purchases and earning points.

  • There are no physical member cards provided.


  • Members earn one (1) point for every one (1) dollar spent at Famous Food store. (NOTE: Some exclusions apply).

  • Points will accumulate with each purchase.

  • Points may be redeemed for a reward amount which corresponds to specific redemption level(s).

  • Points are not calculated for the following transactions: taxes, bottle deposits, environmental fees, discount coupon amount, purchase of gift cards, cashback, and other products/services we may exclude.

  • Member must provide their account number or phone number associated with and account at the time of payment to earn points.

  • Points balance is printed at the bottom of each cashier receipt.


  • Member must provide account number or phone number associated with an account to redeem points for a cash value which is then be applied to a minimum qualifying purchase.

  • A qualifying purchase must be equivalent or exceed the cash value linked to a specific reward level.  Rewards are discount coupons that deduct dollar value off a purchase.

  • Points are non-redeemable for cash.

  • Members can redeem only one 2500 point reward per day and per transaction and must have the required number of points available at the time of redemption. After transaction, points will be deducted from the balance of the member’s account.

  • Member is responsible for all redemptions on their account, including any redemptions made on the account by family members or as a result of unauthorized access to their account.

Members agree to the following Terms of Use by submitting an application to the loyalty program.

  1. The program is free.

  2. Only one active account per person at a time is permitted. Inactive or additional accounts may be deactivated, deleted, or merged with an active account at the sole discretion of Famous Foods.

  3. A member with an active account can share their account with family members whereby all purchases with eligible points shall be accumulated under the active account. The member will be responsible and liable for points accumulation and redemption for all individuals under the same account.

  4. Membership and reward points are non-transferable.

  5. Members must advise Famous Foods of any changes to the personal information such as name, email and phone number. 

  6. Change requests to an active account other than by a member will be denied.

  7. Famous Foods reserves the right to suspend or delete an active member account if abuse to the program or violation of terms of use is determined.

  8. There is no points expiration but points can be forfeited if an account is deactivated by Famous Foods for any valid reason.

  9. Member agrees to receive Famous Foods promotional information and other communications from time to time.

  10. Members may terminate their membership by making a request in-store.

  11. Members agree to release Famous Foods, its employees, directors and affiliated parties from any liability related to or in connection with the Famous Rewards Loyalty Program.

  12. Famous Foods reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the Program, without notice.  Updates and revisions will be communicated and posted on the website.



Famous Rewards – FAQs

1. Is there a membership fee?

No, it’s free to join. Before your purchase, sign up at the cashier and fill out a

form (eg. name, phone number and email), or visit Your

phone number will be used as your member account so it’s easy to remember.


2. How do I earn points?

It’s easy, before you pay for your purchase, our cashier will ask for your phone

number so all eligible items will be calculated and then linked to your account.


3. Do all items purchased earn points?

There are some items that are not eligible for points such as taxes, bottle

deposits, environmental fees, discount coupon amount, purchase of gift cards,

cashback, and other products/services we may exclude.


4. How can I find out my points balance?

The points balance will be printed on the bottom of each receipt at the till. The

cashier can also inform you the points you have accumulated after your



5. When can I redeem my points?

When you reach a rewards level, you can redeem the corresponding cash value

as a discount coupon off your purchase total by advising the cashier and before

paying. Cashier will confirm your phone number and a qualifying purchase

before tax must be equivalent or exceed the cash value linked to a specific

reward level. Only one 2500 point reward redemption is allowed per day and per transaction and account must have the required number of points available at the time of redemption. After transaction, points will be deducted from the balance of the member’s account. Points are non-redeemable for cash.


6. Can family members use my rewards account?

Indeed, a family or household member just need to provide at checkout and

before paying the account number connected to your rewards membership.


7. Can I earn points if I forgot give my account number?

Yes, within 10 days from the purchase date. Bring receipt to store and advise

the cashier or manager on duty.


8. Are points transferable?

Points are non-transferable to another member.

9. Do I receive a member card?

A physical member card or printed key tag are not issued.

10. What is your privacy policy concerning my personal information?

Our Privacy Policy as well as other Terms & Conditions can be viewed on our


Contest Rules

Contest Rules

Famous Contest Rules

Famous Foods 10K Giveaway (Oct 2023)

“Sign-up & Win!” Subscribe to The Famous Flyer with just your email and have a chance to win one (1) 10K REWARD POINTS PRIZE, one (1) 5K REWARD POINTS PRIZE and one (1) 2.5K REWARD POINTS PRIZE, each worth $200, $100 and $50 in retail value, respectively. And get hot deals, double reward point promos, giveaways and more, each week in your inbox!

Contest Rules




1. The Famous Foods 10K Giveaway contest (the “Contest”) starts at 6:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Thursday, October 12, 2023 and closes on Thursday, November 2, 2023 around 8:00 pm PST (the “Contest Period”). No purchase necessary. 

​2. The Contest sponsor is Famous Foods (hereinafter referred to as the “Sponsor”). 

3. To enter and be eligible to win, entrant must be (i) a legal resident of British Columbia, Canada, ii) able to provide personal information (eg name, phone and email), and (iii) nineteen (19) years of age or older as of the date of entering the Contest. (Employees and their parents, siblings and children, and persons domiciled with an employee of the Sponsor, their respective agents, parent, affiliated or related companies, subsidiaries, divisions, prize sponsors, and promotional and advertising agencies and administrators, are ineligible to enter).


4. HOW TO ENTER. During the Contest Period, there are two ways to enter. An entrant (i) fills in a completed contest form available from cashier staff or customer service staff at store, and then deposits it in a collection box at the store, or (ii) fills in an online entry form on the contest landing page,

5. The winner(s) of the contest agrees to sign a release and indemnity form stating that, among other things, he/she has read, understood and complied with these Rules, grants all consents required, agrees and authorizes the Sponsor to broadcast, publish, disseminate and otherwise use his/her name, city/town/village and province/territory of residence, photograph, in connection with any promotion and/or publicity, and/or for general news, entertainment and/or information purposes at no additional compensation


6. The prize must be accepted as awarded. The prize may not be sold or transferred, and is not convertible to cash. 


7. PRIZE DRAW: On Friday, November 3, 2023 at approximately 1:00 pm PST, a random draw for the prizes will take place at Famous Foods, Vancouver, British Columbia from all eligible entries received during the contest Period. The odds of winning the prize will depend on the number of eligible entries received during the contest period. Famous Foods will attempt to contact the potential Prize winner to notify potential winner that he or she may have won the Prize by email within two (2) business days after the draw. In the event that a potential winner cannot be contacted within two (2) business days after the draw, he or she will be disqualified and an alternate potential winner may be drawn at the Sponsors’ sole discretion. Proof of identification must be provided upon request.

8. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the Famous Rewards for terms of use and rules for redeeming points.

9. Contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. By entering this Contest each entrant consents to the collection, use and distribution of his or her personal information (information that identifies an entrant as an individual, such as home telephone number, age and home address) by the Contest Sponsor for the purposes of implementing, administering and fulfilling this Contest. Contest Sponsor will not sell or transmit this information to third parties except for the purposes of administering this Contest. By entering the Contest, entrants consent to the manner of collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set out in the Famous Foods Privacy Policy . 

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