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5 Tips for Safe Grocery Shopping

The coronavirus pandemic has interrupted many activities, but everyone still needs to eat. As a result, visits to grocery stores remain necessary, but entering public spaces has become more fraught with anxiety for many people. Fortunately, you have many ways to increase your safety while shopping for food.

1. Shop During Slow Periods

Although this may not fit everyone's schedule, it is a great option if you have the flexibility. In general, fewer people will shop during early morning, early afternoon, or later in the evening. By choosing to shop during these times, you can avoid long lineups and practice social distancing with ease.

2. Wear a Mask

Although the grocery store is a bright and airy place, it remains a location visited by many people over the course of a day. A mask over your nose and mouth forms a barrier between your respiratory system and airborne viruses.

3. Use Hand Sanitizer

A retail space involves items that everyone uses. Carts, baskets, and handles on cooler doors get touched by customers. Washing your hands with soap or applying hand sanitizer when you finish shopping is the quickest way to protect yourself from stray germs. We work hard to keep the store clean, but sanitizing your hands will provide you with instant peace of mind.

4. Stay 2 Metres Apart From Other People

Giving each other more space to shop or stand in line improves your safety. This social distancing further reduces the possibility of catching something from another person. You may need to give yourself some extra time to complete your shopping as you wait for people to move away from a food display.

5. Use Curb Side Pick Up or Delivery

You have the option of just not coming inside the store. The Famous Foods staff can assemble orders of 20 to 25 items and bring them out for you to collect. Email the store at with a list of your groceries. Please be as specific as possible about products, sizes, and quantities. You may also arrange for delivery in Vancouver for an additional charge.

Famous Foods thanks you for your patience during the pandemic. We remain enthusiastic about bringing fresh, high-quality food to you. Visit Famous Foods seven days a week for a safe and friendly shopping experience.

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