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Following Canada's Food Guide? Famous Foods Can Help

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to stay fit and to get the energy you need for everyday life. Following the recommendations of Canada's Food Guide can allow you to choose the right foods for your dietary routine. Many of these guidelines offer general advice on how to structure your menu and what foods to avoid to stay healthy and energetic. Here are some of the top recommendations listed in Canada's Food Guide.

Eat a balanced diet

Dietary experts recommend eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This should make up about half of the average plate. Proteins and whole grains should each comprise about one-fourth of your meal. This can allow you to get the nutrients your body needs in the right proportions, which can be critical to maintaining your health now and in the future.

Drink water

Beverages with added sugar or chemicals can have a negative effect on your health. Canada's Food Guide recommends drinking water as a matter of choice rather than spending money and calories on sugary or carbonated drinks.

Cook at home

Managing your own menu plan at home can allow you to control the calorie count of your meals and the ingredients that go into the foods you eat. This can have a dramatic impact on your overall health while saving you money into the bargain.

Read the labels on foods you buy

Food labels include information on calorie counts, nutritional value and ingredients. This information can make it much easier for you to find healthy and wholesome foods that will contribute to your long-term health. Canada is implementing changes to food labels that will make it even easier to determine which foods are best for your health.

Reduce your intake of processed foods

The chemicals used to preserve foods can also have a significant impact on your health. Avoiding preservatives and other added chemicals in the food you eat can have a surprisingly large effect on your health.

Famous Foods can help

At Famous Foods, we offer an extensive array of healthy and wholesome foods that can help you and your family to feel healthier. We are the original bulk and natural foods store in Vancouver and offer options that taste great and can help you follow the recommendations outlined in Canada's Food Guide. Visit the Famous Foods website or call us at 604-872-3019 to learn more about how we can help you eat healthier now and throughout your life.

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