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Halloween Treat Ideas For 2021

Most people definitely want treats instead of tricks for Halloween. Whether you need a bag of candy or want to prepare a tray of spooky delights, you have plenty of options for Halloween treats in 2021.

Packaged goodies for trick-or-treaters

When passing out candy to the kids knocking on your door, you'll want to use packaged treats. Parents are more comfortable accepting factory-made goodies from strangers.

Kids like variety, so choose treats like:

Fun-size candy bars

Individually wrapped granola bars

Single-serving boxes of cereal

Packets of candy-coated chocolates

Sweet Tarts

Candy Corn


Packets of cream-filled sandwich cookies

Halloween treats for your friends

When sharing goodies with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, you can make homemade treats.

Goodie suggestions:

Caramel apples

Chips and salsa

Chocolate dipped fruits

Cookies with Halloween decorations

Cakes with Halloween decorations

Spooky looking cupcakes

Fun homemade Halloween treat recipes to try

1. Pumpkin Fudge

This recipe marries two of the best things about fall: pumpkin spice and sugar! Pumpkin fudge places no heavy decorating demands on you. You don't have to make them look like anything except squares of pumpkin goodness sprinkled with chopped pecans. You'll need a couple hours to cook the ingredients and chill the bars in a pan.

2. Frankenstein Rice Crispy Treats

If you and the kids want to make treats that look monstrous, Frankenstein will get the job done. You'll make the monster heads by dyeing a basic rice crispy treat recipe with green food colouring. After cutting the green bars, you make the hair by partially dipping the bars in melted chocolate and sprinkling with chocolate sprinkles. Glue on the eyes with melted chocolate and get ready to hear someone say "It's alive!"

3. Grinning Apple Bites

Should you want to put the brakes on sugar consumption, you can make teeth-filled monster mouths from wedges of green apples. Spread some sunflower butter between the wedges and stick in sunflower seeds for the teeth. Use strawberry slices to put a big red tongue in each mouth. Stick on some candy eyes, and you've got a platter of strange creatures staring up at you from the table.

In Vancouver, shop at Famous Foods for Halloween treats, baking supplies, produce and fresh meats.

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