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How to Cook Meat to Perfection Every Time

As the warmer months are upon us, spring has sprung, and summer is just on the horizon, it can only mean one thing - barbecue season!

While everyone loves an excuse to come together to eat, drink, and be merry, the specific menu has the potential to set the tone of the entire experience.

But no pressure!

Don’t worry. We’re here to help with tips to ensure the main event, the meat, is cooked to perfection every time.

Tender cuts

The key to cooking tender cuts of meat - typically found in the back or 'loin' region - is to cook them fast.

These tender cuts often include strip steak, pork chops, sirloin, ribeye, and tenderloin.

In other words, these cuts are here for a good time but don't need to cook for a long time. Be sure to sear the outside over high heat in either a cast-iron pan or right on the grill. Then, cook them just long enough to be safe to eat, typically at least 63°C.

Tougher cuts

Unlike tender cuts, for tougher types of meat, slow and steady wins the race.

These cuts often come from the shoulders and rear portion and include round roast, pork shoulder, beef chuck and brisket.

A good rule of thumb is to sear the meat first and then braise it. One of the best and most common methods for this type of cooking is using a slow cooker or pressure cooker and cooking the meat for at least an hour.

This extra time allows for the connective tissues in the meat to break down, causing it to become more tender and tasty.

It’s true what they say, good things take time!

How do you know when it’s done?

A fair question.

Whether you’re a passionate carnivore or a bit more on the well-done side, it’s crucial to make sure the meat you’re preparing is not only tasty but also safe to eat.

The best and easiest way to ensure this happens is by investing in a good and reliable meat thermometer. As we said above, the internal temperature for any meat - except for chicken - should be at least 63°C.

This temperature will produce a ‘medium-rare’ or ‘medium-well’ result. If you like your meat more on the rarer side, it shouldn’t go any lower than 52°C.

For chicken, it should be higher at around 74°C.

Find a safe source

Of course, you should also make sure the meat you’re using is of the highest quality!

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