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How to Host a Perfect Summer Picnic

Are you ready to get outside, socialize and enjoy summer flavours? One of the best ways to do all of these things together is to host a picnic.

Whether you want to serve one guest or multiple, you can use the three simple steps below to host a perfect summer picnic of your own.

Invite your friends

Will your picnic be a family affair, couples' date or time for friends to get together? Once you determine who will attend, create an invitation. Will you invite your guests by phone, email or a lovely printed card? The choice is yours to make, one in which you can instill some personality.

Get your attendees excited about the affair and let them know how to dress. Should they be casual and comfortable? Do you prefer chic luncheon style? Or will you want an air of romance and formality to your picnic? Much of your picnic's tone comes from what you describe.

Select your cuisine

The most difficult part of how to host a perfect summer picnic is the food, of course. But you can make this part very easy by making choices at your local grocery market. Famous Foods in Vancouver offers a deli section, bakery and produce department where you can find everything you need. Select from delightful trays, cheeses, meats, pates, dips, spreads, olives and so much more. Then head over to the fruit department for grapes, melons and other summery fruits. The key is to select foods that everyone can enjoy and comfortably eat with their fingers or disposable utensils. Don't forget the flatware, napkins, plates and drinks!

Set the scene

Once you have invited your favourite people and chosen your picnic cuisine, you only have to dress up the outdoor scene. Your picnic may be set on a traditional checkered tablecloth on the grass. Or maybe you have access to picnic tables you can dress for your al fresco luncheon. The choice about how casual or dressed-up to go with your theme is entirely yours. Just don't forget the basket to carry food and other items.

Visit Famous Foods to host a perfect summer picnic

If you want to host a perfect summer picnic, shop at Famous Foods at 1595 Kingsway in Vancouver. Your mouth will certainly water as you select the perfect cuisine from our deli, produce and bakery. If you need curbside pickup or delivery services, call us at 604-872-3019.

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